C. Hagen Radick

About-CHRThe man also known as "SonOfOdin" is a 40-something Midwesterner who subsists primarily on craft beer, schadenfreude, and a near-unhealthy obsession with actress Kate Beckinsale. He also co-hosts The Sons of Metal Podcast.

Born in the early 1970s, SonOfOdin was around to see many of today’s popular bands come into their sound. Growing up pre-Internet, however, meant a much more limited exposure to some of the more esoteric bands and styles.

Favorite Bands/Artists: Metallica, My Dying Bride, Bolt Thrower, Sabaton, Liv Kristine, Amon Amarth

Favorite Genres: Power Metal, Doom Metal, Symphonic Folk Metal


Rating Scale

  1. Perfection
  2. Superb
  3. Excellent
  4. Great
  5. Good
  6. Competent
  7. Has Problems
  8. Bad
  9. Terrible
  10. Garbage
  11. Ear Rape

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