Cendra – Metal Punk

Cendra - Metal Punk

Cendra - Metal Punk

Cendra - Metal Punk











            Worship This

            • Good energy
            • Tight songwriting
            • Visceral lyrics

            Question This

            • Little musical evolution
            • Similar song structures

            When I last listened to Cendra, it was their second album, 666 Bastards, of which I was a fan. The Spaniards are back for some more blackened thrash/punk on their newest album, the appropriately-titled Metal Punk.

            After a brief musical interlude, Maniac Homicida opens the album in familiar territory with Cendra’s signature brand of d-beat-infused black metal. The song features two distinct breakdowns in its nearly four minutes, and sets the tone for the rest of the album. We’re seeing a slightly more visceral take on the blackened punk territory covered in 666 Bastards. Boig Perdut follows the opener in more of the same fashion, albeit at a faster overall tempo. These are the two longest songs on the album, at 3:52 and 4:19, respectively. The speed increase on Boig Perdut makes it feel shorter than it is, which is always a good sign.

            The rest of the album consists primarily of sub-three-minute entries. While the majority tend to follow a verse-chorus-breakdown-chorus structure (Resurreccio, Antisocial), this is what I’ve come to expect from Cendra. If it works, why change the formula?

            If you liked 666 Bastards, then Metal Punk should be equally up your alley. Granted, there hasn’t been much in the way of musical growth in the year between, but when you’re talking about punk-leaning bands, I don’t think you really expect much in that department. Metal Punk is another solid entry in Cendra’s catalog, and I continue to be a fan. Check it out.

            Label: Xtreem Music
            More Information: Facebook | Encyclopaedia Metallum
            Release Date: 15 Jan 2016

            Available at Bandcamp, Amazon.com, iTunes, and other retailers.

            Special thanks to Transcending Obscurity PR for the complementary review copy.

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