Dark Void – Release The Kraken

Dark Void - Release The Kraken

Dark Void is comprised of five seventeen year-old Cyprus teens who took their love of thrash metal and self-released their first EP, Release The Kraken. Given the age of the performers, how does the music stand up?

The album starts out in a strange way with two instrumental pieces. First is the ambient The Awakening which slowly builds, culminating with the rising of our titular sea monster. Nameless is a traditional thrash metal intro, which lets you know our boys know thrash metal.

After that extended intro, 100 Years is the first “true” song. Lead singer Philippos Chrysostomou has an unusual delivery, which is deeper and more indicative of Testament than the higher-pitched leanings of other thrash acts. Despite the more aggressive delivery, the production leaves a little to be desired, as it comes off almost subdued.

The title track overlays an extended South Park clip on the intro before careening headlong into a driving beat. Again, the vocal mixing here hurts the impact, but it’s a solid enough tune, with some definite homages to classic mid-’80s thrash and some nifty tempo changes.

Closers Anger Within and Near Death unsurprisingly follow the same formula. The latter track approaches the seven-minute mark and has an eerie piano bit toward the end. Dark Void wear their influences proudly, and they’re very prominent.

Everything here is pretty solidly performed, and despite its derivative nature and the weird mixing on the vocals, there isn’t much to dislike. That being said, however, there isn’t anything here you haven’t heard before, and to be honest, done better. Still, there’s a lot of talent on display here, and as these kids mature and develop their own identity, they look to be on their way to a solid career. I’ll be keeping an eye on them, as their next album should be a killer.

Rating: 5 / 10
Label: Independent
More Information: Facebook | Encyclopaedia Metallum
Release Date: 03 Apr 2015

Available from the band directly via their Facebook page.

Special thanks to Audacious PR for the complementary review copy.

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