My Favorite Albums From the Second Half of 2016

Testament (2016)

Without sounding like I’m making excuses, the back half of 2016 got away from me, and this blog took a severe hit in terms of new content. All I can try to do at this point is make 2017 a more prolific endeavor. Regardless, here are my favorite albums from the back half of 2016 (July 1—December 31 release dates).

10. Sodom : Decision Day

2016 was a strong year for old-school thrash bands (more on that later), and the German side of the equation was no exception. The Teutonic answer to Slayer tore things up in their usual vicious style, and are a good way to start this list. [SoMP Review] Get the album

9. Finsterforst : #YØLØ

Let’s go ahead and hit the lighter end of the metal spectrum with Finsterforst’s newest EP. As much as I love their more serious side, #YØLØ was just pure fun. If you can use a smile or two in your life, definitely give this a listen. [TMA Review] Get the album

8. Uncoffined : Ceremonies of Morbidity

I’m a huge fan of death/doom metal, and these Brits hit me right in the sweet(?) spot with their second LP. While double-digit track lengths may turn some folks away, I found the songs engaging and moody in all the right ways. [TMA Review] Get the album

7. Unearthed Elf : Into the Catacomb Abyss

I’ll fully admit I can be a sucker for cheese, and Keith D.’s one-man doom project hit all my Dungeons & Dragons buttons with his debut. Sure, it definitely caters towards the nerd side of the metal spectrum, but when it’s done this well, who cares? [SoMP Review] Get the album

6. Serpentine Dominion : Serpentine Dominion

Supergroups are tricky, and metalcore-influenced ones even more so. However, Adam Dutkiewicz, Shannon Lucas, and motherfucking Corpsegrinder really threw me a curve ball. Running under thirty minutes, their self-titled debut has no wasted moments and leaves you hungry for more once it’s over. [SoMP Review] Get the album

5. Darkrypt : Delirious Excursion

Few acts elicited such a strong response from any of my SoMP co-hosts like Darkrypt did. Despite hailing from India, Darkrypt has strong old-school Scandinavian influences that make them a force on the developing Indian metal scene. [SoMP Review] Get the album

4. Sabaton : The Last Stand

Am I a Sabaton fanboy? Hell yes! Regardless, The Last Stand shows strong evolution from the roster shake-up prior to Heroes. With more even songwriting over Sabaton’s signature style, the Swedes’ interpretations on various historical underdog scenarios was one of my most anticipated releases of the year, and it didn’t disappoint. [SoMP Review] Get the album

3. Darkher : Realms

Jayn H. Wissenberg came out of seemingly nowhere with her (ostensibly) one-woman doom metal project, Darkher. This might lean too far away from traditional metal to some, but her haunting and somber melodies really caught my attention. [SoMP Review] Get the album

2. Saor : Guardians

Maybe I have a thing for Scotland and/or epic metal? With Gloryhammer and Moonsorrow hitting the tops of my H2 2015 and H1 2016 Best-Of lists, Saor is definitely going to show up. This wasn’t a band I was particularly familiar with, but I’m loving their take on Celtic-influenced blackened folk. [SoMP Review] Get the album

1. Testament : Brotherhood of the Snake

Raise a pint for the Old Guard! Formed back when I was a mere ten years old, Chuck Billy and company prove age is just a number with one of the highest-energy pounders of the year. Want to make a career out of your music? This is the template you should be following. [SoMP Review] Get the album

Keep in mind this list only comprises albums I’ve listened to, so if your favorite doesn’t show up, maybe I never got around to listening to it. Also, my ranking is based purely on enjoyment and replay factor, not technicality, instrumentation, etc. If you want, feel free to rebut with your own list in the comments section below.

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