Heavy Metal Month II – Day 18 – Yer Metal Is Olde

Black Sabbath

Heavy Metal Month II, Day 18) Yer metal is olde: song released before 1981

You wanna go old-school? Well, you can’t get any older-school than the originals. No slight to Blue Cheer or Steppenwolf, but since we gave the finger to the music historians already, why not do it again? Black Sabbath, the self-titled album by arguably the most influential heavy metal band of all time was the first heavy metal album, and the eponymous track was the first song on said album.

Folks, what can I really add to the discussion that hasn’t been said already? Tony Iommi is a god made flesh, Geezer Butler’s bass thunders, Bill Ward’s drums accent the entire affair, and Ozzy never sounded as creepy as he does here. Once the public heard this expression of audio terror, music was never the same. For a band with nineteen studio LPs (with only a handful of stinkers) and countless live and compilation albums to their credit, Black Sabbath will forever be known as the Fathers of Heavy Metal.

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