Heavy Metal Month II – Day 20 – Vikings

Svolder, by Otto Sinding (1842-1909)

Heavy Metal Month II, Day 20) Song about Vikings

Oh, there they are…

A bit on the nose, perhaps, but if you’re wanting a song about Vikings, surely Amon Amarth is the way to go, since they’ve built their entire career around Viking history and Scandinavian mythology.

I’m going with a more recent track, since their newest album, Jomsviking showed a fresh approach for a band that had been kind of coasting on their laurels for several albums. The band’s first concept album (at least from a storytelling perspective), The Way of Vikings highlights the training regimen of the album’s protagonist as he rises in the ranks of the mercenary Jomsvikings.

If you’d like some more commentary on this album, go check out the episode of The Sons of Metal Podcast where El Goro and I discussed it.

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