Heavy Metal Month II – Day 25 – Slow ‘n’ Low


Heavy Metal Month II, Day 25) Slow ‘n’ low: a slow song

I’ve always liked Draconian. To me, they always sounded like My Dying Bride with an additional female singer. It was good stuff, to be sure, but they weren’t a band I thought about very often.

Then came 2015’s Sovran, featuring new female singer Heike Langhans. Holy crud — what a difference one person makes! Heike came from a decidedly non-metal background, but her soulful expression gave Draconian’s music that extra layer that really pushed them upward for me. Case in point: Pale Tortured Blue, a track that so topically exemplifies sadness while maintaining an air of beauty and emotion.

If you like this song, be sure to check out the rest of Sovran. You won’t be disappointed.

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