Heavy Metal Month II – Day 31 – Freebie!

Bolt Thrower

Heavy Metal Month II, Day 31) Freebie: any metal song!

With no requirements, let’s go with something from my favorite album from one of my favorite bands, the sadly-disbanded Bolt Thrower. I’m probably in the minority, but …For Victory is my favorite album in their catalog. To me, they found the perfect tempo for their sound, and every song sounds like a three-way cross between an anti-aircraft gun, charging tank, and buzzsaw.

Seeing as Bolt Thrower are often overlooked on lists of greatest death metal bands in history, Lest We Forget seems like the perfect reminder to jog people’s memories. When you’re done, give the entire album a listen, and then look into the rest of their catalog. You won’t regret it.

This brings an end to Heavy Metal Month II. Thanks for reading!

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