Krueger – Return To Death

Krueger - Return To Death

Brazil is a country steeped in the death and thrash metal traditions. Keeping that tradition are Krueger, a band that formed initially in 1987, but didn’t put out their first album until 2001’s Turn On To Death. Another 13–14 years passes, and it’s apparently time for a second album, Return To Death. With such a lax release schedule, how does the band fare?

Krueger jumps right out of the gate with the title track, Return To Death, showing off some clear Leprosy-era Schuldiner worship. Singer Adriano Krueger definitely has Chuck’s raspy scream down and sounds intense in his delivery. The guitars are thick, and a thundering bass line gets the listener’s head thrashing.

Likewise, the second track, Blood, is two and a half minutes of blistering aggression, not unlike what one would hear on the sacred Reign In Blood. Things slow down ever so slightly on Flesh, Blood, Temptation, but the guitars take a sinister tone that adds more than a hint of evil to the song.

The rest of Return To Death varies between the machine gun and the clawhammer in terms of tempo, with the possible exception of Inferno, which has a very doomy feel for the first ninety seconds and creeps up again in the middle of the song. Additionally, there’s some weird guitar riffing on Technology Chaos that sounds like they’re trying to replicate some Ministry-esque industrial tones, and I’m not sure it entirely works.

Nevertheless, the musicianship on this record is tight, but for a band that’s been together over nearly thirty years, it’s to be expected. Honestly, my only complaint is that if the band retains their current release schedule, I’m going to be in my mid-fifties until the third album comes out. However, if you’re a fan of the death/thrash hybrid and looking for some aggressive, well-done music, you can’t go wrong with Return To Death.

Rating: 8 / 10
Label: Independent
More Information: Website | Facebook | Encyclopaedia Metallum
Release Date: 15 May 2014

Available at Bandcamp.

Special thanks to The Metal Detector Music Promotions for the complementary review copy.

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