Motor Sister – Ride

Motor Sister - Ride

Let’s say you’re a founding member of one of the most influential thrash bands of all time and about to hit a milestone birthday. What would you wish for? Maybe you’d like to have one of your favorite defunct bands reunite and let you play on the roster.

Well, if your name is Scott Ian (Anthrax), that wish can become a reality. To celebrate his fiftieth birthday, his wife, Pearl Aday, helped organize the reunion of Mother Superior, and the jam went so well, the group decided to record a Southern/blues rock-influenced album under the new moniker of Motor Sister.

The Motor Sister lineup consists of former Mother Superior (and ex-Rollins Band) vocalist and guitarist Jim Wilson, Scott Ian also on guitar, Joey Vera (Armored Saint/Fates Warning) on bass, John Tempesta (The Cult/Exodus/Testament/etc.) on drums, and Pearl Aday on backing vocals — truly some top-notch talent going into the production of this record.

A Hole jumps right out of the gate and lets the listener know what to expect: bluesy hard rock with a slightly heavier edge. The drums are tight, the guitars complement each other well, and the fast tempo make this a formula for a good driving album. The next two songs, This Song Reminds Me Of You and Beg, Borrow, Steal maintain this same energy.

Things slow down a bit with Fool Around, a number that is so filled with the blues, it could be a Microsoft® Windows™ crash screen. The duet between Wilson and Aday is a particular vocal highlight.

More jam fun continues on tracks like Fork In The Road, Pretty In The Morning, and Devil Wind. In fact, if this album has any fault, it’s that most every song has a similar structure, and casual or background listeners could lose track of which particular song they’re on. Still, with all the songs falling into the three- to five-minute range, the album’s forty-five minutes just seem to fly by.

While I only have a passing familiarity with Mother Superior, I found Motor Sister’s Ride to be a lot of fun. If you have any leanings toward Southern and/or blues rock, then you should at least give this album a listen. I, for one, look forward to blasting this out of the car windows this coming summer.

Rating: 8 / 10
Label: Metal Blade Records
More Information: Facebook | Encyclopaedia Metallum
Release Date: 10 Mar 2015

Available at, iTunes, and other retailers.

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