My Favorite Albums From the First Half of 2015

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2015 has been a good year for heavy metal, and I thought it might be fun to look at the first half of the year (January 1—June 30 release dates) and list the albums I enjoyed the most.

10. Nekrogoblikon : Heavy Meta

Starting the list off with an equally heavy dose of humor and weirdness, the Bay Area Goblin Brigade incorporate varied elements from melodic death metal, to folk, to lounge music to create an album that’s just plain fun to listen to. [SoMP Review]

9. Unleashed : Dawn of the Nine

One of the pioneers of the Swedish death metal scene, Johnny Hedlund and company continue to pump out intense music, and Hedlund’s well-enunciated delivery introduces a welcome amount of clarity to a subgenre that can get stale fast. [SoMP Review]

8. Cendra : 666 Bastards

Even though these Spaniards lean closer to the hardcore/d-beat crowd, their music is just metal enough to qualify, and the shorter song lengths make every moment count. [TMA Review]

7. Psalms For the Dead Sun : Holy Charade

I’ll make no apologies for liking lighter, female-fronted gothic metal, and Jenny Malmberg’s soaring vocals really hit the spot when I’m in the mood for this style of music. [TMA Review]

6. Moonspell : Extinct

Flipping to the opposite end of the gothic metal spectrum, Fernando Ribeiro effortlessly switches between the gnarly death and the clean baritone vocals. While this may not be my favorite Moonspell album, it’s a solid entry into their catalog. [SoMP Review]

5. Pagunus Doctrina : Omnipotense Aeternae Diabolous

Indulging the predator side of my personality, Paganus Doctrina hit me with a blackened hammer right in the eardrums with their multifaceted approach to black metal. [TMA Review]

4. Korpiklaani : Noita

The drunken Finns rebound from the almost somber Manala with a jumpy, upbeat album that slides right next to their previous albums. Korpiklaani may not have a lot of variance in their releases, but they’re always a good time. [SoMP Review]

3. Battle Beast : Unholy Savior

Surely I’m going to catch hell from someone for putting this so high in the list, but much like the band, I’ll do what I want. Effortlessly switching from dick-swinging power metal to ’80s Europop, Battle Beast is another band that’s just fun to listen to. The only unfortunate thing about this album is that they made the music video out of my least favorite song on the album. [SoMP Review]

2. Sorcerer : In The Shadow Of The Inverted Cross

Reforming after fifteen years apart, Sorcerer’s first proper album knocks it out of the park with their immaculate album of epic doom metal. Here’s hoping we don’t have to wait another fifteen years for a new album. [TMA Review]

1. Visigoth : The Revenant King

Charging out of Utah, of all places, Salt Lake City’s Visigoth apparently read my music wish list and filled them all. As far as replayability goes, I can’t count the number of times I listened to this album, and I’ve loved it every single time. It will definitely be a contender for my favorite album of 2015. [SoMP Review]

Keep in mind this list only comprises albums I’ve listened to, so if your favorite doesn’t show up, maybe I never got around to listening to it. Also, my ranking is based purely on enjoyment and replay factor, not technicality, instrumentation, etc. If you want, feel free to rebut with your own list in the comments section below.

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