Paganus Doctrina – Omnipotense Aeternae Diabolous

Paganus Doctrina - Omnipotense Aeternae Diabolous

Paganus Doctrina formed in the mid-1990s, but went their separate ways before the new millennium. They reformed in 2006, released a split with Morbid Funeral and Necrólisis, and then began work on their debut album, Omnipotense Aeternae Diabolous. Apparently the album was recorded in 2012, but due to various delays, it wasn’t unleashed on the world until 2015. After incubating for three years, did the music age like fine wine… or milk?

Omnipotense Aeternae Diabolous opens with a spooky chanting and building guitar intro on the track Overtura Infernale: Omnipotense Aeternae Diabolous. After several minutes, the hammer drops, and the song becomes a crushing mid-tempo number with some higher-speed tremolo in the background. Singer Lord Demogorgon (a.k.a. Daniel Arroyo) drops some intense tortured growls making this an effective atmosphere builder.

The second track, Aestigmata Satani – Ataviado en Fuego Fatuo, kicks the album into high gear, with an explosive sonic onslaught. The song drops back into the slower tempo towards the back half before kicking back into high speed at the end.

A thrash metal influence opens the fourth track, Presagi de Su Linaje, before dropping back into the blackened pummeling from before. I’m not sure if the drum set insulted Grackons Damaethyan’s mother or something, but he blasts those percussion instruments into complete submission. At eight and a half minutes, the song employs several tempo changes, and is one of the more dynamic tracks on Omnipotense Aeternae Diabolous.

The rest of the album follows suit, with special calls to Códice Décimo Primero for some eerie dual tremolo harmonies offset by choral backing and the final track, Los Vértices del Cuarto Ángel, for its crossover thrash guitar breakdowns in the middle of the song and overall intensity.

Omnipotense Aeternae Diabolous is a brutal, nasty slice of black metal sure to appeal to any fan of the subgenre. As with Insepulto, U.Xerxes.H and company prove they know what they’re doing and how to deliver. Hopefully, the next album won’t be sitting for three years, but in this case, it was well worth the wait.

Rating: 9 / 10
Label: Ashen Productions/Satanic Records
More Information: Facebook | Encyclopaedia Metallum
Release Date: 12 May 2015

Available at Bandcamp and Ashen Productions Mailorder.

Special thanks to guitarist/bassist U.Xerxes.H for the complementary review copy.

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