Review Ceremony – September 2016

Review Ceremony - September 2016

Because I’m essentially running The Sons of Metal Podcast by myself now, my writing time is taking a hit. Here are some short takes on albums I’ve listened to recently, though.

Frozen Skin – In This Dying World

Frozen Skin - In This Dying WorldAre you a fan of Slipknot, Soilwork, or Mushroomhead? Does the idea of mixing early-2000s metalcore with Gothenberg riffing appeal to you? If so, I’ve found just the band for you. I, on the other hand, was born entirely too late for this. The production is great, and everything here seems executed competently (although it’s certainly derivative of the aforementioned bands). That being said, if this style appeals to you, it might be worth your time to give it a listen. It’s just not for me.
(Special thanks to darkTunes Music Group for the complementary review copy.)
Rating: 5 / 10
Label: darkTunes Music Group
More Information: Website | Facebook
Release Date: 19 Aug 2016
Available at, iTunes, and other retailers.

Etrusgrave – Aita’s Sentence

Etrusgrave - Aita's SentenceBeing a fan of Candlemass and Visigoth should make Etrusgrave right up my alley. While the Italians click all the checkboxes required for "epic heavy metal", I found Aita’s Sentence to be merely… okay. Tiziano Sbaragli’s soaring vocals are a highlight, although I’m not a fan of his nasal delivery on the more subdued portions of the album. Mostly, however, it’s the songs themselves that fail to stand out. Lacking the power of Visigoth and the scenic evocation of Candlemass, Etrusgrave are more reminiscent of Manila Road’s lesser works. It’s decent enough, but fails to stand out among the greats in the genre.
Special thanks to Against PR for the complementary review copy.
Rating: 6 / 10
Label: Minotauro Records
More Information: Facebook | Encyclopaedia Metallum
Release Date: 10 Jul 2016
Available at, iTunes, and other retailers.

Cryptic Shift – Beyond the Celestial Realms

Cryptic Shift - Beyond the Celestial RealmsIf the idea of progressive death metal mixed with thrash and wrapped in a sci-fi theme piques your interest, then look no further. Cryptic Shift taunt our future alien overlords with pummeling riffs and vocal aggression which signify the human race isn’t going down without a fight. While I wish the production was crisper and songs like Spore tend to noodle on too long, the EP as a whole works well. Give this a listen if you’re looking for something different.
Special thanks to Nightbreaker Productions for the complementary review copy.
Rating: 7 / 10
Label: Nightbreaker Productions
More Information: Facebook | Encyclopaedia Metallum
Release Date: 8 Aug 2016
Available at Bandcamp, Nightbreaker Productions, and other retailers.

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