Funeral Moth - Transience

Funeral Moth – Transience

March 23 C. Hagen Radick 0

Generally speaking, when I throw on some funeral doom metal, I’m looking for a slow, bleak dirge steeped in crushing atmosphere. Japan’s Funeral Moth eschew that formula and deliver nearly forty minutes of Zen on their second album, Transience.

Necropoli - I

Necropoli – I

Italy isn’t typically the first country I think of when the phrase "epic doom/death metal" is brought up. Typically, it’d be the England during the heydays of My Dying Bride, Paradise Lost, or Anathema or the icy northern reaches of Finland or Russia for bands like Thergothon, Skepticism, or Ea. Necropoli might change that perception for me, however.

Doom:VS - Earthless

Doom:VS – Earthless

Over on The Sons of Metal Podcast, El Goro has branded me "the doom guy" due to my predilection for the slower and darker side of metal. Naturally, this is going to mean coverage on doom metal albums here as well.