Delain - Moonbathers

Delain – Moonbathers

September 9 C. Hagen Radick 0

Delain has one of the more interesting band origins. When keyboardist Martijn Westerholt left Within Temptation due to health reasons, he continued writing music, and when he was healthy again, formed Delain, which was supposed to be a musical project with a rotating line-up, but the success of their initial album Lucidity caused Westerholt to rethink his plans, and the band stayed together This brings us to 2016, and their fifth album, Moonbathers.

LiveEvil - Blacktracks

LiveEvil – Blacktracks

June 24 C. Hagen Radick 0

Founded in 2003, Czech gothic/industrial metal act LiveEvil have shared the stage with bands such as Dark Tranquility and Samael. Mixing the aforementioned styles with samples and sci-fi/horror lyrics, LiveEvil are set to assault your soul with their fourth album, Blacktracks.

When Nothing Remains - In Memoriam

When Nothing Remains – In Memoriam

April 8 C. Hagen Radick 0

Reaching "metal puberty" in the early 1990s, I was there for the rise of the The Peaceville Three, and while these bands had their triumphs and missteps over the years, I’ve remained a fan of the death/doom style. When done well, it’s a spectacularly moving experience. When not, it can be a boring chore to sit through. Which category does Sweden’s When Nothing Remains fall into with their newest album, In Memoriam?

Review Ceremony – December 2015

December 18 C. Hagen Radick 1

As the year is winding down, holiday celebrations get underway, my second half of 2015 best-of list is being prepared, and I’m finding myself woefully behind on reviews, so here are several short ones to tide everyone over until life settles down.

Yosei Teikoku - Shadow Corpse

Yōsei Teikoku – Shadow Corps(e)

August 20 C. Hagen Radick 1

"And now for something completely different…" Like it or not, Babymetal is now a thing. What many folks don’t realize, however, is mixing Japanese pop music with metal isn’t exactly a new concept. Case in point: Yōsei Teikoku have been performing this style of music since 1997 and have accumulated a respectable discography. All that said, how does their newest album Shadow Corps(e) stand up?

Psalms for the Dead Sun - Holy Charade

Psalms For The Dead Sun – Holy Charade

April 23 C. Hagen Radick 1

I’m a sucker for clean female vocals in metal. Whether it’s the bombastic delivery of Nightwish, the smoky-sweet crooning of Purson, or any of the multiple styles of my golden-voiced goddess, Liv Kristine, I’m almost always on board. Enter the Finnish band Psalms for the Dead Sun and their first LP, Holy Charade, featuring Jenny Malmberg on vocals.