Blessed Curse - Beware of the Night

Blessed Curse – Beware of the Night

It seems like I’ve been covering various takes on doom metal all year, so how about some good, old-fashioned California thrash for a change of pace? Trio Blessed Curse just dropped their second album, an EP entitled Beware of the Night, and we definitely pick up the pace with this one.

Winterhymn - Blood & Shadow

Winterhymn – Blood & Shadow

July 19 C. Hagen Radick 0

When asked to name locales of great folk metal bands, Finland, Russia, and Norway top most people’s lists. What if I told you there was a hidden gem hailing from the typically mundane state of Ohio in the USA? Cincinnati may not be home to typically harsh climates, but it is home to Winterhymn.

Seventh Calling - Battle Call

Seventh Calling – Battle Call

March 29 C. Hagen Radick 0

Seventh Calling are a traditional power metal act from South Dakota. Their third full-length, Battle Call, features sharp riffing and twin guitar harmonies overlaying a tight rhythm section with primarily clean vocals accenting the entire affair. With a description like that, this should be everything I want in an album, right?

Review Ceremony – December 2015

December 18 C. Hagen Radick 1

As the year is winding down, holiday celebrations get underway, my second half of 2015 best-of list is being prepared, and I’m finding myself woefully behind on reviews, so here are several short ones to tide everyone over until life settles down.

Motor Sister - Ride

Motor Sister – Ride

March 25 C. Hagen Radick 0

Let’s say you’re a founding member of one of the most influential thrash bands of all time and about to hit a milestone birthday. What would you wish for? Maybe you’d like to have one of your favorite defunct bands reunite and let you play on the roster. Well, if your name is Scott Ian (Anthrax), that wish can become a reality. To celebrate his fiftieth birthday, his wife, Pearl Aday, helped organize the reunion of Mother Superior, and the jam went so well, the group decided to record a Southern/blues rock-influenced album under the new moniker of Motor Sister.